• 2/28/2019
    Revised Forms Now Available.
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    8:00AM to 5:00PM  (OPEN DURING LUNCH)

    If you need a Criminal Traffic History Record for housing, school, dormitory, etc.
    You should be contacting Information Management Section at the Window Rock Police Department, phone (928) 871-7621.
    Click here for rates regarding Criminal Traffic History Record.


The mission of the Office of Background Investigations is to provide professional background investigation services that will protect the resources and integrity of the Navajo Nation.

All background investigations and adjudications are conducted in accordance to the Navajo Nation Personnel Policies Manual, Section, IV. K. Additional federal regulations and requirements may be applicable dependent upon a program’s funding source.

The Office of Background Investigations strives to ensure that the Navajo Nation employees are provided a work environment that minimizes risk to the health and safety of its employees, volunteers, interns, program participants, and to protect the Navajo Nation’s funds, properties and other assets.

The Navajo Nation    ●    Office of Background Investigations    ●    P.O. Box 4020    ●   Window Rock, Arizona 86515

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